Ariel Quartet
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October 28, 2013
Bryan W. Smith / Tulsa, Oklahoma
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your performance for Chamber Music of Tulsa this weekend, October 26, 2013. Please keep us in mind for a return visit.
Thank you again,
Bryan Smith
August 23, 2013
Toni H Clark / Cincinnati, Ohio
The Kingston House is delighted you both have chosen to live here and welcomes you!
On behalf of the KH residents.
February 18, 2013
MILTON HURWITZ / 230 Kings Mall Ct ste 179 KINGSTON,NEW YORK 12401
I enjoyed your superlative performance yesterday-your experience as artist in residence at the New England Conservatory emerged as a mutually successful result I especially enjoyed the Benjamine Britten quartet In the future I will follow your performances all over the world and anxiously wait to hear you perform again in my location here in Ulster County,New York Respectfully Milton (Lhitriot!)
October 25, 2012
William Badgett / Virginia Military Institute
Your performance at VMI last night was an unqualified triumph. Uniformed cadets, many of whom are headed for the military services, are sometimes reluctant to express enthusiasm for anything as nebulous, time-consuming, unquantifiable, and (to them) strange as classical music. Not so those who saw and heard you perform Britten and Beethoven last night. During the intermission, one demanded to know where he could buy your CDs. ("I want all of them," he said.) Three others told me that while listening to the Britten they had been inspired to sign up for the history of music class that I'll teach next semester. A musically sophisticated woman from the local community who had attended a performance of the Emerson String Quartet just last Sunday offered this: "The Emersons were technically flawless---quite wonderful in their way and deserving of their reputation---but these people were truly inspired!" Then, lowering her voice conspiratorially, she added, "The Ariel is obviously the better quartet."
October 7, 2012
Kim / Diehnelt
A group to keep your eye on!

I look forward to following your performances!

best wishes!

September 26, 2012
Angelika Heinze / D- Hamburg
Warm greetings from Germany!

Today in Hamburg is the International Competition - therefore we are thinking with love to you. We remember a great time in our house.

with best regards

September 10, 2012
A briliant performance yesterday!!!! A group of us went out for dinner afterwards with our heads spinning over the Britton and the Schubert. You left us quite breathless. Bravi!!!!
May 21, 2012
Lowell Flanders / New York
Fantastic hearing you play and sharing dinner with you at the Russian Tea Room here in New York this past Friday (May 18). Your performance was inspired and inspiring. Wonderful energy and presence. Best wishes for all your future endeavors.
May 14, 2012
Winona / United States
Hey, I am one of the students that you performed to 2 or 3 weeks ago! You guys are AMAZING, your music is flawless, and I like your accents! :)
April 15, 2012
John Hammer / Charlotte, Vermont
Congratulations on a great concert at Rutland today. Your playing was magnificent. I particularly enjoyed the second movement of the Schubert and the first and third of the Hayden. I never liked Webern until today. After you explained the work, I was transfixed. What a wonderful piece! I hope you play it again for us on Vermont Public Radio tomorrow. Thank you. Sorry I'll miss your concert in Burlington this summer.
April 15, 2012
Elyakim Spitz / Cincinnati

It's a great pleasure to meet over Viva la Tel Aviv.
Continued wonderful success to you and Ariel.
April 1, 2012
Gerald Salomon / Indian Wells
I was also at the March 31 concert in Rancho Mirage, and agree completely with the previous guest's entry. The entire performance was superb.
April 1, 2012
Elaine Wang Meyerhoffer / Palm Springs
I was at your Rancho Mirage concert was unbelievably fabulous! All four instruments with their own character and individuality, yet all melding into one in brilliant service to each musical piece -- you are so strong on your own, and so exponentially strong together. I was breathless during the Haydn and Schubert (a little confused by the Webern, but ultimately grateful for the experience of having it played as best as it possibly could)...some of the most lovely, intense, focused and moving soft playing ever! Not to make comparisons, necessarily, but I just went to the Irvine performance of a Shostakovich piece with Garrick Ohlsson and the Takacs Quartet -- simply not as exciting, fresh and committed as your playing. Bravo.
March 13, 2012
Eugene / Kalnitsky
Performance last night at Kravis was superb. Each movement a gem.
January 25, 2012
deb / sarasota
I have had the privilege of seeing you perform twice in Sarasota and you are brilliant. I very much enjoyed your concerts! I cannot wait til you come again! Thank you for bringing classical music to the youth of our community
December 25, 2011
Conny and Hendrik / Aachen Germany
Great new website! Hope to see you sonon, Amid.
December 17, 2011
Micha Finkelstein / Jerusalem, Israel
as I promissed - Love your new website!
Enjoyed your GREAT performance last week very much!!! haven't been to such a great concert in months!
December 4, 2011
Sonj and Wolfgang Marquardt / Westchester County, NY
Just arrived home after hearing your wonderful concert at The Westchester Chamber Music Society on sunday evening, December 4th, 2011. Soooooo exciting and your musical sounds are magical and enveloping!!!
Looking forward to hearing you again in the near future. Good luck to all four of you - you are the future of music and we are so happy!!
November 26, 2011
Ben Dominitz / Cincinnati
Evi Levin has encouraged me to reach out to you. Just heard your movt 1 of the Mozart d minor on line. It is much as I hear it. Well conceived and played with wonderful allusions to the despair and darkness behind the semi-happy surface. Nice allusions to 20th century tonality and mystery. Yaffe me-od.
November 21, 2011
Charlotte Dinwiddie / Poughkeepsie NY
I LOVE the new website.....we'll see if we can't come to the concert in Westchester in Dec. I'd love to see you all and hear Jan! (did you only audition tall violists?)
November 13, 2011
Julia Po. / Hopkinton MA
Hey, Congrats!!! Awesome website, gorgeous pictures! So happy for you. I especially appreciate the Calendar section - i'll finally have an idea where in the world you are without having to nag you about it :). Love you. good luck!
November 13, 2011
Alesandra On / Switzerland
Hey, Amit,Sasha,Gershon and Jan!
I miss you very much!
Viele Grüsse :*
November 12, 2011
Nomi Gilad / New-York
You're grate, you know I love you all. , the sky isn't the limit for you!!! grate pictures for grate artists.
November 12, 2011
Tanya Preminger / Israel
Beautiful site, beautiful shots of you guys! Congratulations!
November 11, 2011
Dmitry G. Chernov / Berlin
An amazing quartet, and a great new website! Good luck!
Dmitry :)
November 11, 2011
Miriam Gershenson / Pacifica, CA
I love the website and the photos are amazing. You guys rock!
November 11, 2011
Hila L / Boston, MA
Your new website and photos are beautiful!!
BEST OF LUCK :) :) :)
November 11, 2011
Keren Greenblatt / Jerusalem
Amit! Good luck!
The website is beautiful, the pictures are awesome, and the music is amazing.
Hope to see you soon in Israel darling!
November 11, 2011
Cristiano / Italy
Hey guys! Let me be the first to sign your worderful new website.
A hug from the Quartetto di Cremona!